How I Launched My First AI-Driven Product as an Indie Hacker How I Launched My First AI-Driven Product as an Indie Hacker

July 15, 2023
Domain Finder AI

The Domain Name Challenge

Brainstorming domain names for your new venture can be a real pain. I felt it firsthand, which led me to conceive The aim was simple: harness AI to produce an array of available domain names, reducing the time spent on search and freeing up time for creativity.

Building ChatGPT API and More

An intense weekend saw the birth of the initial version of This was no leisurely marathon but a full-fledged sprint. At the core was OpenAI’s ChatGPT API, generating the domain name ideas. Simultaneously, I integrated the GoDaddy and Namecheap APIs to check domain name availability. The process didn’t stop here; a ChatGPT plugin was created, followed by the addition of a Stripe payment system. It was hard work, but the satisfaction of watching it come together was unparalleled.

ChatGPT Plugin Approval: A Bumpy Ride

Gaining approval for the ChatGPT plugin was unexpectedly tough. A missing period in the description led to initial rejection. It seemed a minor detail, but the impact was significant. After rectifying the error and an almost 20-day wait, the plugin finally earned its approval stamp.

Product Launch and Indie Hacking

Here’s where I faced the real challenge: promoting my product. I submitted to several directories but saw limited initial traction. However, the tide turned post ChatGPT plugin approval. The website generated over 5000 domain names on day one and crossed the 100,000-mark within 20 days. It was an exhilarating outcome!

What’s Next for and Indie Hacking was my initial attempt at merging AI and indie hacking, providing an immense learning opportunity. The project wasn’t just about domain name generation numbers; it was about witnessing the potential of AI in creating real, effective tools.

While was essentially a ‘test the waters’ project, its success has invigorated my passion for more ambitious and potentially more lucrative ventures. As I look forward to the future of AI and indie hacking, Domain Finder AI stands as a testament to the exciting journey so far and the potential of what lies ahead.

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